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NASAs BARREL Mission Launches 20 Balloons
Posted on Saturday, May 25 @ 06:17:53 EDT (787 reads)
Topic: Other
A team of scientists launched 20 balloons during a January 2013 campaign in Antarctica to study a space weather phenomenon, during which electrons stream down toward the poles from two gigantic donuts of radiation, the Van Allen Belts, which surround Earth. The NASA-funded mission is called BARREL for Balloon Array for Radiation belt Relativistic Electron Losses and this slide show offers a glimpse of their work under the bright Antarctic sun. Credit: NASA/BARREL

In Antarctica in January, 2013 – the summer at the South Pole – scientists released 20 balloons, each eight stories tall, into the air to help answer an enduring space weather question: when the giant radiation belts surrounding Earth lose material, where do the extra particles actually go?

The NASA-funded mission is called BARREL for Balloon Array for Radiation-belt Relativistic Electron Losses and is led by physicist Robyn Millan of Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. During this month of bright, sunny days, the BARREL team launched a balloon every day or two into the cir*****polar winds that circulate around the pole.

Each balloon floated for anywhere from three to 40 days, measuring X-rays produced by fast-moving electrons high up in the atmosphere. BARREL works hand in hand with another NASA mission called the Van Allen Probes, which travels directly through the Van Allen radiation belts. The belts wax and wane over time in response to incoming energy and material from the sun, sometimes intensifying the radiation through which satellites orbiting Earth must travel. Scientists need to understand this process better, and even provide forecasts of such space weather, in order to protect our spacecraft.

As the Van Allen Probes were observing what was happening in the belts, BARREL tracked electrons that precipitated out of the belts and hurtled down Earth’s magnetic field lines toward the poles. By comparing data, scientists will be able to track how what’s happening in the belts correlates to the loss of particles – information that can help us understand this mysterious, dynamic region that can impact spacecraft. The BARREL and Van Allen Probes teams work together closely. They zeroed in on three specific dates in January 2013 with interesting geomagnetic activity to research initially, dates in which the data from the two missions overlaps and is particularly abundant.

Having launched balloons in early 2013, the BARREL team is back at home building the next set of payloads. They will launch 20 more balloons sometime in 2014.

Logistical support for this project in Antarctica was provided by the US National Science Foundation through the U.S. Antarctic Program.
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Zenus Vintage with Signature Folio Stand Leather Case for iPad
Posted on Saturday, April 13 @ 11:05:27 EDT (873 reads)
Topic: Laptops
tvc123 writes "Zenus Vintage with Signature Folio Stand Leather Case for iPad
  • Made of high-grade synthetic leather with textured touch and superier workmanship, premium quality and high-end
  • Zenus Vintage Folio case provides an attractive and functional way to carry and use iPad no one like others
  • Smart magnetic wakes up iPad simply by opening the cover, and sleeps by closing, power saving
  • Unique styling of the case features a patented mechanism that creatively frames allows the iPad to stand in two viewing mode
  • Holes for headphone jack, dock connector port, and on/off and volume buttons
  • Fine all-round protection, it allows you to experience the most comprehensive way to maintain your tablet
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How to Set Up a TV dreambox Satellite Receiver
Posted on Saturday, March 16 @ 03:51:56 EDT (922 reads)
Topic: Other
dreamboxok writes "A satellite receiver receives the satellite signals through a cable and then sends the images to the television. It is your control box and allows you to adjust what you are watching on the television. The receiver controls the satellite and upgrades to the dish can often be preformed through the dish. It is installed and connected to a television in almost the exact same way as a cable receiver."
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How to Use a dreambox Satellite Receiver as a Converter Box
Posted on Saturday, March 16 @ 03:51:34 EDT (914 reads)
Topic: Other
dreamboxok writes "

With the switch to digital, all televisions must be able to receive digital signals; otherwise, you need an analog-to-digital converter box. When using an antenna connection, the converter box is purchased separately. But when you are using a cable or satellite signal, the receiver is used as the converter, saving you money from purchasing additional equipment to use with the TV. 
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Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Replacement
Posted on Friday, December 28 @ 15:29:25 EST (1351 reads)
Topic: PHP-Nuke
ellenhan writes "Dell Inspiron 1545 battery is designed to be 100% compatible and is designed to meet or exceed original specifications. Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Batteries replacement are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Buy Dell Inspiron 1545 battery Replacement Here?
Brand new, never refurbished, 100% compatible, no memory effect.Over 500 full charge/discharge times.
Fast shipping. 12 months warranty. We stand behind our Dell Inspiron 1545 battery replacement 100%.
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The cloud: Cutting the cost of effective data management
Posted on Tuesday, February 14 @ 01:17:13 EST (1271 reads)
Topic: Other
Anonymous writes "Data storage has traditionally been a huge expense to SMEs. The cost of purchasing, maintaining and securing server equipment alone accounts for a vast proportion of IT budget outlay. So as talk of cloud computing has become a regular topic of conversation not just in IT teams, but through organisations as a whole, is it possible to keep costs down without compromise.

Aside from cost, there are a host of other critical challenges associated with corporate data storage. What are the implications of a service outage? How secure is your data? Can we support increasing numbers of remote workers? In fact in answer to many of these questions, more and more SME’s are turning to UK colo centres to offer a robust, flexible and future-proof solution to their data concerns.

A collocated data centre, such as that run by Sentrum Colo, is a shared data storage facility that enables multiple organisations to store their operation and business critical data on a shared site. These types of data centre companies are emerging as the solution of choice due to their unique ability to offer a broad range of benefits, that simple can’t be matched by other types of data storage solutions available. Benefits include; significantly lower set-up and monthly costs, support of remote and home-workers, reliable uptime and bandwidth availability, optimal network speeds, improved power redundancy, efficient cooling and 24/7 on-site specialist support.

The flexible, agile and connected SME of today is the market-leading enterprise of tomorrow. By taking a considered approach to IT now it so make an investment in securing the future of your organisation.

For your UK datacentre needs, contact Sentrum Colo.

(Read More... | 13 comments | Score: 0)

newspaper content will be the readers nightmare.
Posted on Wednesday, January 05 @ 23:37:06 EST (2161 reads)
Topic: Laptops
globaleworld writes "Daily” is a concern about the message of the newspapers in the United

States, may contain a bit of international news. However, the user, but around the

world iPad ah! Aware iPad is because Murdoch had huge holdings, and Apple decided to

cooperate, but the iPad the ownership does not mean “daily” circulation, because

only localized iPad users , no localization of the “Daily News” content. How many

Chinese readers would see the United States every day, holding a news iPad? Mention

have to spend money."
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The battery pack is jointly designed by two companies
Posted on Thursday, November 25 @ 13:31:13 EST (1692 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "you have come to the right place. We provide the highest quality Toshiba pa3536u-1brs laptop battery at the lowest price with the highest level of service, all i laptop battery n a secure and convenient platform. "
(Read More... | 2698 bytes more | 16 comments | Score: 0)

The first charge and discharge cycle life is one less you
Posted on Thursday, November 25 @ 13:30:46 EST (1563 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "
Loop is used, we are using the battery, concerned about the use of time, charge the battery in the end to measure how long can such a performance, to the provisions of the cycle is the use of cycles"
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How to handle the acclimatized issues that sealed-in batteries create
Posted on Sunday, October 24 @ 15:47:15 EDT (2053 reads)
Topic: Hardware
Anonymous writes "we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the most cost effective solution towards laptop battery replacement without sacrificing quality. laptop battery All Level 8 Technology laptop batteries and AC adapters will meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. Every laptop battery that is available on our website is also guaranteed to look, fit, and perform just like your original laptop battery (and usually better)."
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Do not put up the battery to extend battery life can it
Posted on Saturday, October 16 @ 17:36:05 EDT (1803 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "Laptop battery life in the end how much? Lithium is no memory effect? Now ac*****ulated some experience, come to share with you. 1, lithium battery memory effect is very small, almost to 0. Second, it is not can not directly use the AC power does the battery? Not. Because the lithium ion inside a relatively quiescent state, if a long time (so called relatively static,Ibm thinkpad t20 battery that is, no power or small electric battery time. A long time generally refers to 6 months or so)"
(Read More... | 2850 bytes more | 12 comments | Score: 0)

Do not be confused Widescreen
Posted on Sunday, September 26 @ 16:25:42 EDT (1633 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "Do not understand the market users easily salespeople Virtual and misleading marketing rhetoric,Dell latitude c810 battery leading consumers to their products do not entirely like."
(Read More... | 2049 bytes more | 14 comments | Score: 0)

its intent to minimize the use of the battery
Posted on Sunday, September 26 @ 16:25:08 EDT (1764 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "its intent to minimize the use of the battery, thereby extending battery charge with the cycle; the details due to operational deficiencies, "Ai Qing Qing is not actually anti-harm";Acer travelmate c210 battery "operational details" The importance is evident. Example Two: , AC adapter AC input and DC output plug plug plug (unload) the details of the order of operations is luxurious. "
(Read More... | 2167 bytes more | 12 comments | Score: 0)

Here are a few common misconceptions
Posted on Saturday, July 17 @ 15:44:36 EDT (1576 reads)
Topic: Hardware
globaleworld writes "
  • We sell cheap rechargeable laptop battery for most every notebook computer on the market. Since 1996, we have worked with leading laptop battery manufacturers around the world to design, specify, and build high quality laptop batteries. All batteries are brand new, full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back!
  • "
    (Read More... | 2281 bytes more | 17 comments | Score: 0)

    power supply voltage than the nominal battery voltage of my books is much higher
    Posted on Saturday, July 17 @ 15:44:11 EDT (1566 reads)
    Topic: Digital cameras
    globaleworld writes "Power to the books to the books and battery power supply is different, battery-powered, the battery output is pure DC, direct access to DC transformer module, the battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design very high, microelectronics circuit analog signals and digital signals to 5V voltage demand is now largely bounded by the efficiency and remove the transformer module pressure demand is sufficient,Dell inspiron 9300 Battery and lithium chemical emf determines the output voltage of a power-saving core only the left and right, so many batteries are in series with three ways have become a very popular battery voltage. "
    (Read More... | 3083 bytes more | 24 comments | Score: 0)



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